Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Visual Mihi's

Kia Ora and welcome back to 2019! I am really excited to be back in our new learning space in Totara 2 with such an enthusiastic bunch of kids!
One of our firsts tasks this term is to create a visual mihi so others can get to know us. This will also help us learn our mihi's orally! We are all currently working on our mihi's and will be publishing our individual ones on our blogs in the coming days. They will also be embedded onto our classes Google Site so anyone visiting that can get to know us too! In the meantime I thought it would be only fair if I shared my mihi that I created (very quickly). I look forward to seeing what T2 does with their mihi's to make them unique!

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  1. Hi I'm Shaie and I go to Kaingaroa School,
    I like your Whakapapa, I think a Whakapapa is a good piece of work to post on your blog because then we who you are and where you come from. I like how you included photos of you whanau and your surrounding. Next time maybe you could use hyperlinks so that if someone wants to go to a particular page in the slide they can do the with a click of a button, instead of having to skip the whole slide to get to the page they want to see. But I still think it's a very good way to inturguse yourself to the blog. :)


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