Monday, November 5, 2018

St John's

On Friday we had a session with St John's. We talked about how to prevent injuries on the sports field and around our school. We also practised what we needed to do if we came across someone who was unconscious but breathing. We practised putting them into the recovery position. Miss Hines was pretty impressed as we were all pretty good at it!
You may also notice that we are wearing a funny looking uniform. We had a loud shirt mufti day to raise money for the cochlear implant foundation. Rikki-Lee's little brother Oakley was born deaf and has had cochlear implants so he can now hear! 


  1. Wow! Great Learning that can really prove to be important in helping and saving others. Well done.

  2. Wow! Great Learning that can really prove to be important in helping and saving others. Well done.

  3. The is really cool room 2 i like the way that you guys and work as a team keep it up

  4. This is cool what your class is doing and it will save a life one day.

  5. NICE JOB !
    Larning with St johns is very useful and exiting

  6. WOW!!
    That's great to see that your learning real life situations so that if something goes wrong you know what to do. Great keep it up!!

  7. Hi room 2 my name is Oliver
    Well done room 2 this is an important skill that can save peoples lives!

  8. Kia Ora Totara 2, Reagan here!
    I really like how you have added in lots of information in this post! I really enjoyed doing the St John class and learning how to do the recovery position because you never know when you might have to use it!
    I think it was a very good idea to raise money for the cochlear implant foundation as it can make a huge difference in someones life!

    Did you enjoy doing this?
    Did you guys learn anything else?

    Noho ora mai

  9. Hello, My name is Rhonda and I am a Year 8 student from Saint Patrick's School. I really like how you guys used team work to care for each other. Keep up the good work!

  10. Kia Ora, my name is Xavier and I really enjoyed the way you presented your work. I like the way you took photos as evidence to prove to others you can help people. The way you wore mufti to helps others reminded me of when my school had a mission day to save up money for charity. Do you guys think this will help you in your future?

  11. Talofa Lava Totara 2,
    What a great opportunity having St Johns come in and support your learning. Thanks for sharing the photos. Good to know there are plenty of first aiders at Grey Main School who will be able to help when needed. I used to do my First Aid certificate every two years but haven't done it for a long time now - you have reminded me it is time I got it updated. I bet Rikki-Lee's whānau were super impressed with you raising money for the Cochlear Implant Foundation. How much money did you raise?
    Ngā mihi


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