Friday, May 12, 2017

Book Character Day

Watch the presentation below to see our fantastic book characters. Some of us went to a lot of effort to get the costumes that we wanted! Ka Pai Totara 2!


  1. Kia ora Totara 2,
    It is great to see so many of you dressed up for Book Character day. I can still remember Book Character day from when I was at school. I remember going as Red Riding Hood in my favourite red poncho! You had some great costumes. Did you all choose to dress up as your favourite character or could you just choose any character?

    1. Hi Tania,
      Thank you for your comment. Book Week is always a big deal at Grey Main School and Book Character Day is the best part of the week. We can choose whatever character we want to dress up as. We think Jacob and his dad did a really awesome job of making his mask and props using paper mache!
      From Mackenzie

  2. Hi Jacob my name is Alexis and I am from Paihia School, my favourite costume is your witch king costume. Did it take a long time to make it? Who won it or was it not a competition? At our school we have a book character day and we have a competition to see who looks the best.

  3. Kia ora totara 2 My Name is Thomas from Paihia School I think it is cool that you guys had book character day. I really liked Dylan's one where he dressed up as Deadshot. Just one quick question if you were to make another day like this what would it be called and what would you do?

  4. Kia Ora,
    My name is Alexsi and I am a year 7 student in Te Ngahere at Paihia School. This slideshow about you book character day is amazing. You guys have all dressed up as some of my favourite book characters. I like how you guys have thought out of the box to make your creative costumes. This actually takes me back to the time we had a dress up day and we made funny creative costumes, just as you did.
    I loved watching your slide about your character dress up day.
    Thank you

    Enjoy the rest of your day

  5. Kia Ora Room Seventeen Grey Main School/Totara 2
    I like your book character day costumes. We have a book character day every year as well. Your costumes all look really cool. I like the farmer outfit the best, but all of them were cool.

    For our book character day I went as ‘Katnis Everdeen’ from ‘The Hunger Games’. I recognised some of the characters you were dressed as. Do you do this every year? Or is it something you just do randomly? Also does your whole school dress up?

    Maybe next time you could have the book they are from next to their names, because some of the characters I didn’t recognise. Other than that I think it’s great that you posted pictures of something cool and interesting you did.

    Karoro School

  6. Kia ora Room 17,

    I really like the unique and different characters you dressed up as. Why did you dress up like the characters you choose? Was it because you enjoy the book they are in? My favorite costume was Dead Shot by Dylan. I thought it was very create and caught my attention.

    Last year when we had our book character day I dressed up as Thing one from Doctor Seuss. I I brought a blue wig and wore a red onesie with a paper sign that said ”Thing 1”. Our school had some pretty wacky costumes but no one dressed up like The Witch King and Dead Shot.

    Next time you could presentate you costumes photographs on iMovie as there are a variety of tools that you can use that can make the presentation. Also for each different character you could add a paragraph about your character so we can learn a bit more about your characters.

    Kind regards
    Check out my blog:

  7. Hi Grey Main School. I am Oh Hsen from Panmure Bridge School, in Auckland I really like the characters you have chosen. Maybe you could add a blurb of what you guys did with your costumes that day.

    Oh Hsen

  8. Kia ora Totara 2! I love Samuels costume because i like harry potter too!

  9. cool outfits i liked the witch king


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