What Can I Blog About?

What can I blog about?

Ideas stolen from here! (Which we stole from Room 11's blog!)

Almost anything and everything is the answer!  If you are stuck for ideas check out the below ideas.

  • Main Stars
  • Homework
  • Maths Buddy

  • Personal Experiences
    • A trip you have been on
    • A school camp
    • Scouts / Girl Guides / any club or group you belong to.
      • What do you do with this group?
      • Where can people find out more info?
      • What activities have you done lately?
    • Friends
      • Why not review a good friend
      • What makes them a friend?
  • Information Reports
    • Inform your readers about a topic you know lots about (or have researched).
  • Book Reports
    • What are you reading at the moment?
    • What makes it a good/bad read?
    • Would you recommend it to other readers?
  • Cool / Interesting Information / Facts
    • Have you just found out or learnt something new and exciting?
    • What is it?
    • What makes it exciting?
    • What further information could you include?
  • Photo and Video Stories
    • Taken some great photos?
    • Made a great Video?
    • Write a short blurb about it and get posting!
  • A Good Post.....
    • Grabs the readers attention! (a hook)
    • Provides all the required info.  Don't leave them asking what you mean
    • Leaves the reader wanting more.
    • Connects with the reader. They WANT to ask a question.
    • Shows not tells - use all those exciting descriptive words
    • CHECK, CHECK, CHECK - read it over & listen to it.

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  1. Hi i'm Asher from Kaingaroa school,I like how you had put pictures of your trip but when I clicked on the video it didn't work? I think you could tell the reader more imformation on what happened to the mine,hope you have a good day.


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.