Friday, June 29, 2018

Matariki Kite Making

Next Thursday we are having a kite day at school to celebrate Matariki. We are preparing to make our own kites using bamboo, flax to make the string and a disposable table cloth. These are a work in progress but we are happy with what we have done so far.


  1. that is so cool I like the way that you used team work to make a big kite. check out my work.

  2. Good Job! I love your teamwork on making a beautiful and big kite!

  3. Good work Totara 2! I like your guys idea for Matariki. Nice team working keep it up!

    Anamaria Room 8 St. Patrick's School!

  4. Hello,
    Great job for working together to get your kites accomplished, I hope my school will do the same to teach teamwork and have fun at the same time.

  5. Hi Totara 2

    I'm Neisha from Mamaku 1. Your Really did a good job but if i were your guys i would put a little bit more detail but its still is great! I would love to have a kite like yours.


  6. Hi Totara 2
    I'm Nova from Mamaku 1. You Did a great job!! Did your kites fly? Ours did, well most of them. Maybe next time you could put a little more detail into them. They are still great you know. It looks like you put alot of effort into making your kites! They look amazing.
    From Nova

  7. Hi totara 2 It is Jacob from Grey Main School GreyMouth it is really cool how you made some kites they look fabuless I can remmber how I built a kite with my team mates
    your sincerely Jacob from M1

  8. Hi I am Declan, How are you today? I like the kite that you made. Next time maybe you could try to make it a bit smaller so it can fly.
    I enjoyed making kites too.

    From Declan


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