Thursday, May 17, 2018

Our Door

It's Book Week at Grey Main this week and one of our challenges was to decorate our classroom door based around a book. We decided to do The Lorax and although the office decorated their door with The Lorax too, we were still pretty happy with our result! We used coloured paper for the background, Iris and Staci did our wonderful lettering, Honor and Ruby made our fantastic Lorax, Jazmine and Rylan found, printed and laminated all of our characters, Kaine and Zach made the trunks of the trees, Mia, Katelin, Katelynn and Corianna put the door display together and MIss Hines supplied us with the pompoms! Thanks to Mrs O who very kindly gave us some of her black pipe. 
We are pretty impressed with our work and think it looks great. 

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