Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bees Wax

Today Kaine became the Kaiako and taught us about Bees Wax. Kaine has his own bee hive and he has been collecting the bees wax. Kaine has decided that instead of throwing the bees wax away, he wants to make something out of it. Before he can use the bees wax he needs to purify it and get all the dirt and impurities out of it. In order to do this, Kaine double boiled his wax until it became a liquid. From there he poured the wax through a cheese cloth and the cloth collected all the dirt and imperfections. The liquid was collected in an ice cream container where it has set.
Kaine is now going to use the wax to create bees wax wraps which are a great alternative to using gladwrap! He is also going to have a go at making bees wax candles. Watch this space!


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  1. Nice Totara 2! I would like to experience bee waxing! From Anamaria Room 8 St Patrick's School


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