Wednesday, February 14, 2018

3D Printing

We are so lucky to have a 3D printer in our school and Eric from Tech Space came in and showed us how it works. We had a play with the programme Tinkercad and used our chromebooks to design new boats around our novel Kensuke's Kingdom. We also got to see our Totara 2 name plate being printed. Thanks for coming in Eric, we are looking forward to using our 3D printer in our learning!


  1. Nice work on your 3D art, it was very creative and looks like it was fun to do.

  2. Kia ora Totara 2,
    Welcome to Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu for 2018. I'm James, and although I don't officially work with Manaiakalani any more, I still really enjoy dropping in to class blogs and sharing in the learning. It's great to see you guys back and in the blogging space again. This opportunity to work in the 3D space is FANTASTIC. You should definitely reach out to others and start sharing your designs. There are some superb ideas around this and I can see you have already developed some design confidence. I've seen classes redesign furniture and even print things to help them everyday e.g. headphone storage or Chromebook identifier key rings! I can't wait to check in and see more throughout the year.
    Mā te wā



  3. Kia Ora,

    My Name is Cameron and I'm in a year 7 and 8 class room at Karoro School. Could you check out my blog

    I really enjoyed your post. I think this post is great because it shows what program you used to design you objects. It reminded me of when I used a 3d printer at tech space where I've made a plane and chicken so far.

    Next time maybe you could include what type of printer you used. Otherwise your post was great.

    From Cam


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