Friday, November 17, 2017

Shantytown Visit

This week Totara 2 and 3 went to Shantytown. We studied the law of the Goldrush and what life was like in the 1800's.
We learnt about why settlers came to the West Coast and what the conditions they lived in were like. We also went on the steam train and got robbed at gun point. We had to describe who robbed us to the Police Officer and see if we could find the suspect and get him locked up in jail. Lastly we had a court case where Paris was accused of stealing a pocket watch when she was wiping the tables down in the saloon. Maya was her lawyer and had to convince the judge and the jury that she was innocent. Unfortunately, Jimmy was a far too good prosecutor and the jury found Paris guilty and she was charged with stealing and sent to prison for 6 months! We had a great day!
Check out our slide below to see some of the photos of our awesome day!


  1. This was a very fun trip as well I loved it! Liam

  2. Hi Totara 2. It's Reagan here from Mamaku 2.
    I really like how you have added in a detailed description of you trip to Shantytown and also added in photos!
    I can't wait until we go!! We have to do a little crime scene thing as well!

    From Reagan. Noho ora mai

  3. Kia ora Totara 2!
    I'm Tristan from St. Patrick's School in Panmure. Your trip to Shantytown looked exhilarating! I bet everyone loved their to Shantytown and I hope our class will go there too to explore the beautiful sceneries and learn a more about the Goldrush. What was your favourite part in the trip?


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.