Friday, September 8, 2017

The Maze

Toady the Totara Hub was invited to the High School to participate in a workshop they had set up called 'The Maze'. During our time there we learnt how barcodes work, we got to experiment with coding and playing 3-D games, use motion sensors and we even witnessed a 3-D printer in action! This was a really good opportunity for us to think about the new digital curriculum and what we will be able to do when we head to High School. 


  1. Hello Totara,
    I really want to play the maze because the way you explained how much fun you guys had. You guys must of had the most fun playing the maze. You guys learnt something new and you could teach others when you get back to school. That Maze game you were invited to will really help you when you head to high school. Keep up the good work.

  2. Kia Ora Totara 2. It's Reagan from Mamaku 2 here.

    I really like how you have explained what you are doing here and also added lots of photos.

    Next time you might want to add in some information about what each photo is showing.

    Any way that was a great post!!!!

    From Reagan

  3. Kia Ora Regan, My name is Josh, Josh Costello. I like what youve done here. the ictures are great i must say. me and my school went 2 weeks ago on the sme trip. my school is karoro. I've never heard of Totara school. I will search it up. yeah well Id love to stay and keep writing the comment but ive gotta get cracking... some eggs! HAHAHA
    Your Friend Josh. C

  4. Kia Ora Totara 2

    My name is Kieran I am a student at Karoro school Wow! That looks like so much fun did you enjoy looking and using all of that stuff?

    When I went to tech I used that stuff to and i must say that is some awesome stuff. Could you control or work out any of the equipment or did you struggle a bit. Maybe next time you could get a video of one of you guys controlling something like that or using some of the equipment.

    If you want to I would love you to go check out my blog and comment on something that I have worked on and give me some positive feedback and something I can work on.

  5. Hi Totara 2. my name is Abby from Karoro School. Our class had started doing technology while you, Grey Main had just got to grey high. So we went to the tech stuff in the library. (computer tech I mean) but only the year 8’s got to do the whole maze . We got to do 2 of the activities. The bar code and the maths and the turtle activity.

    So you got to see the whole thing. Obviously. What was it like? How fun was it? On a scale from 1-10 how would you put it as interesting?

    I like how you put in pictures to show what you were doing I also like how you put an introduction on saying what you doing and where you were.

    But maybe you should write what you were doing under the pictures. Also there was a spelling mistake. You put “toady” instead of today. So either change that or think about that next time.

    You guys did very well

  6. Haii Totara 2 :D

    Greetings, I come in pieces. My name is Uncle Fern and I come from the room of Room One.

    I agree that the Maze was pretty fun! While our class was at tech a few weeks ago we did the maze and the tv motion sensor was my favourite. :D What was yours? It looks like your class was having lots of fun. The maze also helped us that are going to Greymouth High sometime in the future aswell, because we got to walk around the school to the library.

    What ones did you find the most difficult to do? For me it was probably the Tina Turtle coding one xD I only got enough time to do three of the tasks with my friend, and I don't exactly understand how you did it.

    Maybe you could check out my blog. :D

    Uncle Fern~ Karoro School :D


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