Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kung Fu

Today we had a Kung Fu master visit us during our Mandarin lesson. We learnt the fundamentals of Kung Fu and learnt that it was really important to use our mind as well as our body. Our Kung Fu teacher showed us how to use nunchucks and we couldn't believe how fast he could use them without hitting himself. He is very flexible and can kick himself in the head!


  1. Hello, My name is Sanujan and I am from Panmure Bridge School. I really like how you have put some information about the event and it is funny when you said "He is very flexible and can kick himself in the head!" Did you know that today we are doing Taekwondo. Next time try to tell the audience more about your Kung Fu master E.g: His name. But anyway this is really great blog post.
    Your Sincerely

  2. Hola Room 17, It looks like Room 17 had alot of fun during their mandarin session. Next time we think that you could make the paragraph a bit longer so there's more to read! This story very interesting.
    Keep up the good blogging, klaudia :)


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