Friday, April 7, 2017

Quiver Vision

This week we have been exploring an app called Quiver. Miss Hines has been going to the Mindlab course and it was introduced to her there. We have had a lot of fun playing with the app and now we are looking at ways that we could use this to enhance our learning and work.
Below are pictures that we took of our colouring that came to life. We couldn't believe how clear they are!

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  1. Hi Grey Main School. I am Izaiah from Paihia School in room Te Ngahere. I really like your drawings and using the app Quiver. I like that your drawings look like they're real. My favorite drawing is all the pretty birds that look like three D birds. They look like it's made out of dough and it reminds me of when we made our animations in room six with play dough. That app must be very cool and I might use it someday.


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