Friday, March 24, 2017

Superstars for Week 8

Check out our Super Stars Yana and Ella who received Key Com certificates in assembly today. Ella received her Key Com for the dedication she puts into completing her tasks to a VERY high standard and Yana received hers for having a superb 'can do' attitude in all curriculum areas. Thank you girls for being such wonderful role models in Totara 2!


  1. Kia ora Yana and Ella,
    Congratulations to you both on receiving your certificates. You must be very proud of yourselves. It is great that you are such good role models in Totara 2.

  2. Hi Tania
    Thank you for your comment. We are very proud of ourselves as we are year 8 learners who both strive to be the best that we can be!
    Thank you again for your comment.
    From Yana

  3. Hi Tania
    Thank you for the comment. I received my certificates for the effort and dedication I put into my tasks and they are always high standard. I really enjoy Maths and meeting my learning goals. I was really pleased when Miss Hines recognised us as superstars and great Grey Main learners.
    From Ella


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