Friday, March 31, 2017

Family Fiesta Cupcakes

The Family Fiesta is here! For our class entries this year, Totara were challenged to make cupcakes. Each class will be given a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Very Highly Commended. People are allowed to bid on the cupcakes and the highest bid gets to take them home. Look at some of our great creations!
Ella created some cute bears!

Ella R describes hers as a chocolate wonderland.

Holly made a secret garden with mushrooms.

Jacob's owls are super cute!

James got creative with icing and hundreds and thousands.

Jayden went to New World...

Jessie's cupcakes are pretty in pink.

Kate's sunflowers will brighten up your day.

Liam's Cookie Monsters look incredible.

Mackenzie C made cute ladybugs and flowers.

Mackenzie H was very clever and used his 6 cupcakes to make the Tardis.

Marshall made a 3 and 4 scoop icecream.

Maya went all out and went to New World...

Mya describes her cupcake as a factory of sweetness.

Reilly made some super cute farm animals.

Royden was super clever and created 6 different cupcakes.

Can you spot the BFG?

Sam made a gigantic cupcake.

Shakanna's icing looks so colourful.

Summer made some awesome 'ice creams'.

Yana made some awesome Panda's and birds nests.

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  1. These are fabulous!!! I love all of them. Well done. I'm sure they'll get well bid on at tonight's family fiesta!


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