Wednesday, November 9, 2016

3,2,1 Blast Off!

Today our field trip took off to Antarctica. We jumped on board a C17 in Christchurch and landed outside Scott Base on an ice shelf.
So far we have learnt all about how we would get to Antarctica, what clothing we would need and the field training you have to undertake in order to explore Antarctica. Antarctica can experience some extreme weather and we need to know that we can be safe if we were trapped in a snow storm or experienced a white-out.

We were really surprised at the weather - it was only -10 and beautifully sunny when we landed (unlike in Greymouth!)  Keep checking our class blog and individual blogs for more information and watch the video below to see how you would travel if you decided to go to Antarctica.


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  2. Hi Totara 1
    I like your field trip stuff that you did it looks cool it was cool so see.

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