Monday, August 29, 2016

Paragraph Success Criteria

Today for writing T1 looked at what makes a good paragraph. In pairs we discussed what a good paragraph needs and we listed them on our Padlet. From these lists we are creating a DLO for others to follow when they are writing paragraphs. These will be uploaded onto our blogs in the next couple of days so don't forget to check them out!


  1. Great to see you collaborating to come up with the perfect paragraph. I can't wait to see your paragraphs! Go Totara 1

  2. Hi Totara 1
    Looks like you guys will hae great paragraphs now that you know how to.
    Next time can you show how to make a great paragraph and an example.

    Kind Reguards

  3. Ata Marie its cassidy I like how you all are coming up with great paragraph ideas I cant wait to see more ideas.
    From cassidy

  4. Hi Totara 1.
    I really like your work, especially Jimmy and Griffins. They did a lot of work and had examples. I will use all these in my own writing to make it better.

    Bye, from Hannah


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