Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Warter, Water Everywhere!

Today Rooms 17 and 18 had some fun with water and completed 3 science experiments. They were given the instructions of how to complete the experiment and the equipment but nothing else. Once their group completed the experiment, they had to go away and write their observations (what they saw) and a hypothesis (why they think that the water or object did what it did). Next they are going to learn the science behind each experiment. Check out their blogs in a couple of days to see what happened to the water and perhaps you could try these experiments at home too!

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  1. Hi Room 17,
    My Favourite thing that we did was to see if we could do a traffic Light.
    But the Traffic light did not work and I had to tip the water because it did not work.
    It was a epic fail!!!!!!!!


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