Friday, March 13, 2015

A+ Work

Check out Ashley and Maya's fantastic Picasso presentation! Pop into Room 17 to read the information they have found on Picasso! 
Well done girls, it looks awesome! 


  1. Hello Miss Hines its Lillie
    I like this art work it looks great. Is Ashley and Maya in arts talented cause if they aren't they should be! I could never do really good art like that. Please tell Maya and Ashley that it is great!!! Here is a link to my blog. You might have to cut and paste this.

  2. Hi Lillie,
    Thanks for your comment. The girls are really proud of their work as they spent a long time doing it. Ashley is in Arts Talented (I think art is her favourite thing to do!)
    Your blog looks great!

  3. Well done girls! This is fantastic! A real credit to your talents :) I must pop in for a read.


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